River To The Sea

Simon Apple

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(If you are unaware of the audio quality differences of MP3, FLAC, CD's, DVD's: Read Jeff's Blog on 'Inferior MP3 Audio').

 1. Leap Of Faith
    (with Steve Rodby)
2. Weight Of The World
    (with Tony Levin)
3. The Colours In Between
4. Hold Me [Like A Lover]
    (with Tony Levin)
5. A Way Outside
    (with Steve Rodby & Dave Stahl)
6. A Way Inside
    (with Steve Rodby & Dave Stahl)
7. Significance
    (with Buck Dharma)
8. Taken Root
    (with Steve Rodby & Dave Stahl)
9. The Weight Is On...
10. Take My Life
11. For Every Loss
     (with Steve Rodby)
12. Katherine
13. A Lot Of Hope
     (with John Helliwell & Dave Stahl)
14. A Reason Why...
15. River To The Sea
      (with Hugh McDowell & Steve Rodby)
*Bonus Tracks:
16. Wait...
17. Weight Of The World (single edit)
      (with Tony Levin) 

Featuring guest artists Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult), John Helliwell (Supertramp), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), Hugh McDowell (Electric Light Orchestra), Steve Rodby (Pat Metheny Group), Dave Stahl (Buddy Rich, Harry Connick, Jr.). Also appearing is long-time Apple bassist, Stefon Pizzuto, former Apple singer, John Feldmann, long-time sax player for the Apple, Dave Miller, and female vocalists Johannah Mackin and Deirdre Masapollo. The album was mixed by Grammy winning engineer, David Leonard (Paul McCartney, Rush, Prince, kd lang, Barenaked Ladies, John Mellencamp, Toto, Bruce Hornsby, Tony Bennett, Avril Lavigne, to name but a few!). Mastering was done by Adam Ayan (Rush, Phish, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Linkin Park, Wynonna, Martina McBride, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Bela Fleck, Counting Crows, Mariah Carey).
A portion of all sales from this album are being donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

River To The Sea marks the first album with singer, Dan Merrill. "The general theme/concept of the album", states Jeff Miller, "is kind of a circle of life sort of thing... which is a huge, and granted, not a terribly unique concept. However, we wanted to do it in possibly a different way than what might have been done by other artists who have previously tackled this subject. First off, we didn't want to make it bombastic and pretentious...there are certainly some light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek moments. The songs cover different emotions or stages of life...faith, internal/external pressures, dreams, love, career, reflection, loss, children, hope, etc. We didn't initially intend to do a concept album. But, as we were sifting through about 20-25 songs, we noticed that many had a similar theme running through them, lyrically. Ironically, both Buzz's and Dan's lyrics seemed to mesh perfectly, even though the songs were written totally separate from each other. I've always loved the coincidence of the 'weight of the world' line in "Lot Of Hope"...Dan's song 'Hope' and our song 'Weight Of The World' were written before we even hooked up with Dan...And the way both songs work within the album is perfect...a cool irony, eh? So, we thought, why not make this somewhat of a concept album? At that point, I got the idea to create segues to make the entire album flow from beginning to end with no breaks...inspired by great albums from ELO, Marillion,Pink Floyd, etc...I've always loved the idea of making an album one piece of work as opposed to 10 disjointed/unconnected songs. Not that there's anything wrong with that...in fact the next album may likely be more of that nature simply because the work involved to do a 'flowing concept album' is enormous! I always wanted to do it...however, it's terribly exhausting and time-consuming!...but, now it's out of my (our) system!"
River To The Sea Review Quotes

Starting with our #1 all-time favorite line...

"I hate to be negative, but this kind of touchy-feely, pseudo-spiritual junk would send even the most committed pacifist in search of a deadly weapon." - Dave Heaton (Erasing Clouds - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; USA)

"The album is a definite winner and comes highly recommended... will surely go down as one of my "Albums of the Year"." - Nigel Camilleri (Dutch Progressive Rock Page)

"This is an extraordinary, awe-inspiring album - I was literally blown right out of my seat. The band has certainly created an unexpected work of art and their music deserves to be a household name." - Joshua Turner (Progressive World - Madison, Wisconsin; USA)

"This is really an exceptionally pleasing listen. The release of Simon Apple's "River to the Sea" is a major event, as this is a really major album by all means, and is worthy of a platinum status." - Vitaly Menshikov (Progressor, Uzbekistan)

"River To The Sea is easily one of the ten best albums I have heard this year. Simon Apple have Their own sound...this music exactly represents what the word progressive should mean. Highly recommended."
- Marc Roy (ProGGnossis - Quebec, Canada)

"Pop/rock gems musically reminiscent of Kevin Gilbert & Mike Rutherford - yet imbued with something more... Something... more enlightened. Something... more hopeful. Something... more positive. Something very REAL! ProgPositivity is proud to spread the good word about Simon Apple!!!"
- Mark Stephens (ProgPositivity Radio - Plano, Texas; USA)

"Intelligent, brilliant music that strikes the listener with its melodic songwriting and impressive vocals... beautiful melodies, top-quality production and performance - truly exquisite! An excellent album for what looks like a 'chart breaker'." - Fix Sadler (Babyblaue - Germany)

"Warm, sophisticated, smooth prog-pop that brings Kevin Gilbert, XTC and Steely Dan to mind. A wonderful, nicely produced album with well-crafted compositions. Definitely one of the best albums of 2004."
- Hansi Cross & Olav Andersson (Progress Records - Sweden)

"Simon Apple have produced a truly memorable and enjoyable musical excursion... musically this one is incredible. Definitely one of the best progressive rock albums to be released in 2004."
- Gary Hill (Music Street Journal - USA)

"Sharing a positive outlook through their writing and passion, Simon Apple have more than enough inertia to make their mark on the "Big Time." Simon Apple is a definite find!" - Jon Rice (Midwest Beat Magazine - Chicago, USA)

"An eclectic mix of musical styles are featured on this excellent effort... an excellent album."
- Alan Hewitt (The Waiting Room, "The definitive Genesis magazine" - Liverpool, England)

"Simon Apple is back...or did they ever really leave? Simon Apple has emerged poised to make some noise in the new millennium. With help from great musical talents such as Buck Dharma, Tony Levin & others, there's no doubt that Simon Apple will accomplish the quest for success!"
- Chuck Corbin (102.5 WRFY-FM, Clear Channel - Reading, Pennsylvania; USA)

"Simon Apple has a sound unlike any eastern PA band I've ever heard - a definite must-hear!"
- Andy Myers (Rock In PA - Pennsylvania, USA)

"Dan Merrill's voice is seductive... Well-rounded arrangements with Genesis-like elegance... Simon Apple are offering us a beautiful album with a great list of guests."
- Jean-Pierre Lhoir (Music In Belgium).

"Finally there are again bands that are not just into endless 'noodling' and bet on melody instead. A brilliant album whose strength is diversity... why shouldn't musical diversity be the stylistic main feature for a change?"
- Dirk Reuter (Babyblaue-Seiten - Germany)

"Each song is very solidly structured and has its own distinctive feel... there is a lot to discover in the music."
- Geert Oldenmenger (Rockezine - The Netherlands)

"Introspective, soul-stirring music... a must for the collector of unique, enjoyable music and thought provoking lyrics."
- Bernie Nelson (The Mindquest Review - Del Rio, Texas; USA)

"...a strong band, rich with great vocals, each level of sound is as appealing as the next."
- Nick Rose (Pulse Weekly - Pennsylvania, USA)