1. Taken Root

From the recording River To The Sea

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Taken Root

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I gaze across the rolling fields of this checkered land, undaunted.
Take a little time to breathe the summer breeze.
Staring down at the dew on the moss.
What new things will these eyes come across?

All these fields seem the same, but the skies are changing.
On this fence a lifetime passes
Searching for some greener grasses …greener today.

And now these welling eyes,
like the threatening skies have swollen.
Laying these dreams away for another day.
Is this me… is this where I belong?
Or, like these hills, will I simply ramble on.

Will these feelings remain, or will they wash with the rain?
On this fence, I sit and wonder why I fear that distant thunder…
So far away… so far away… so far away.