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I Must Tell Jesus… Contains melody & chords.

I Must Tell Jesus (Lead Sheet)


Shine… Contains vocal, lyrics, chords, and some of the piano part.

Shine (Lead Sheet in G, original recording key)

Shine (Lead Sheet in Eb)


Wash My Sins Away… vocal, lyrics, chords, and some guitar & keyboard parts.

Wash My Sins Away (Lead Sheet)


Celtic Hymn… vocal, lyrics, chords, instrumental cue notes.

Celtic Hymn (Lead Sheet in Eb)

Celtic Hymn (Lead Sheet in D)

Celtic Hymn (Lead Sheet in C)

Celtic Hymn (Lead Sheet in Bb)


Advent Prayer...The recording is a quickly recorded demo to highlight the sheet music, not an "official recording".

Advent Prayer (MP3)

Advent Prayer (Lead Sheet in F)

Advent Prayer (Lead Sheet in Eb)


Perfect Love...lyrically based on 1 Corinthians 13. The recording features Dani Morsberger on vocal.

Perfect Love mp3

Perfect Love (Piano Score) - Key of C

Perfect Love (Lead Sheet) - Key of C

Perfect Love (Piano Score) - Key of A

Perfect Love (Lead Sheet) - Key of A


Transfiguration (My Beloved Son)...the recording features Jonathan Reinhold on vocal. There seemed to be very few pieces of music on the Transfiguration... that was the impetus for this song.

Transfiguration Video

Transfiguration MP3

Transfiguration (instrumental) MP3

SHEET MUSIC Transfiguration (Piano/3 part Choral Score)



'It Came Upon The Midnight Clear' ... a 4 part vocal (SATB) arrangement of the Christmas carol. Includes a piano/vocal score, and a full orchestration score.  

Performance track (minus vocals) MP3

It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (Piano/Voice Score)

It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (Full Score)



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