1. Significance

From the recording River To The Sea

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Featuring Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult) on lead guitar.


It's just another day, century 20 A.D.,
on the way to work down at the factory.
Gotta keep up with technology
if you want to be somebody.

Take another spin on the hamster wheel,
always looking out for that banana peel.
Reality's become far too real.
We want to be somebody.

We're really not as vital as we want to be...
genetically pathetic on the family tree.
There's someone else that we would rather be.
We want to be somebody.

As we climb the ladder in the company,
we become much bigger than we used to be.
And after all, that is the goal, you see,
if you want to be somebody.

Take a look around today
think of our situations.
Everybody's got a role to play.
And when it comes time to pay
for the last salvation
We're gonna see who's bigger that day.

How significant you are,
little man with the big cigar
How significant we are,
little rock by a big star.