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Simon Apple

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Includes "It's Over" and "A Boy Like Me" - the first 2 Simon Apple songs to chart in the U.S. Adult Contemporary Top 40. A third single, "Scenes of December" peaked at #43. (Downloads are 44k 16 bit CD quality WAV files).

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(If you are unaware of the audio quality differences of MP3, WAV, FLAC, CD's, DVD's: Read Jeff's Blog on 'Inferior MP3 Audio').


"It's Over" & "A Boy Like Me" reached the U.S. Adult Contemporary Top 30


"A top-notch piece of work, worthy of the Year's Best Column for rock...Simon Apple has the magic to make you sit up and take notice.” Barry Metz, Island Gazette - Wilmington, North Carolina

"Listening to 'Toybox', one finds a treasure trove of gold." Todd Dawson, The Express Times - Easton, PA.

" unassuming gem that merges pliable elegance and emotional cogency." Gary Puleo, The Times Herald - Norristown, PA.

"A golden voice and exceptional songwriting sensibilities sets them apart from most acts out there...the musical virtuosity of Steely Dan and the songwriting touch of Marillion." Joe del Tufo - Big Shout magazine

"Highly interesting CD with talented musicians...real nice!" Ola Granshagen, Frontline - Bromma, Sweden

"Well produced, well thought out album with enough hooks to keep anyone's attention." Gerry Coleman - Sound Check magazine

"This abundantly talented group turns its back on today's sound, swaying between jazz/pop ala Steely Dan/Genesis." Jim Santo - Demo Universe


"...carefully crafted sound with polished production and skillfully precise musicianship." Steven Frew, Curious Goods - Glasgow, Scotland

"Great musicians...great choruses...great feel." Magnus Florin, Through Different Eyes - Bankeryd, Sweden

" exceptional, expressive voice and fine musicianship/ensemble playing lend the songs a fresh, edgy quality." Joe Szczechowski, The News Journal - Wilmington, Del.

"An interesting album from a band who should be well worth watching in the future." Peter Sims, City Of Sound - Oxford, England

"You don't have to settle for typical Top 40 mediocrity anymore, because the Messiahs of progressive pop are finally making their second coming." Matt Bowman, contributing editor of New England Performer Magazine

"Go out and buy the CD...good work should be rewarded." Ben Ohmart, Nzone Magazine (Nov. '98)

"It's Over' is great!" (commenting on 1st single from 'Toybox') Julie Rhodes, Program Director WZDQ (Q102) - Jackson, TN.

"This disc rocks." Freddie Isettie, WRFY 102.5 fm - Reading, PA.

"I love this disc." Tori Thomas, WZZO 95.1 fm - Allentown, PA. 


"Great disc." Rocco Pollatto, WMRF 95.9 fm - Lewiston, PA.


"Great music by great!" The Hitman, WXLV 90.3 fm - Schnecksville, PA.


"Love it." Michelle Miller, WQSU 88.9 fm - Selinsgrove, PA.