These aren't full blown sheet music scores...these are mostly Jeff's original hand-written charts (bass, guitar, keyboard, chords, sax, trumpet, cello). If you're looking for chords only, many of the bass charts include the keyboard/guitar chords. Jeff doesn't have any of the full keyboard and guitar scores - which would be a very time-consuming project, as those parts get quite detailed and complicated at times! 

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A Way Inside (bass & chords)

A Way Inside (sax & trumpet)

A Lot Of Hope (chords)

A Lot Of Hope (tenor sax 1 & 2)

Barriers Down (bass)

Colours In Between (chords)

Cornflakes And Caviar (bass)

Elio Won't Leave Me Alone (bass)

 For Every Loss (bass)

Here To Stay (bass)

Hold Me (bass & chords)

Inventions Of Desire (bass)

Leap Of Faith (piano - simplified teaching chart)

Leap Of Faith (bowed bass)

The News Just Better Be Good (bass & chords)

The Paper Said (bass)

Rainy Night in Boston (bass)

River To The Sea (cello & bowed bass)

Significance (bass)

Tadpole In A Tidal Wave (bass & chords)

Take My Life (synth solo)

Take My Life (bass)

Take My Life (guitar)

Taken Root (bass & chords)

Taken Root (trumpet)

Weight Of The World (bass & chords)

Womp (bass)---On the chart, this was originally titled "Pumper"   



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