River To The Sea 'Bonus Tracks'

Simon Apple

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150 minutes of music on 2 CD's! (Downloads are CD quality 44k, 16bit WAV).

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE PLEASE NOTE: When ordering this 2-CD set, you are NOT getting any of the 'official' River To The Sea album tracks. This is a 'companion set' of entirely different versions (demos), alternate mixes, and unreleased songs.

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Disc One - the Demos:
1. Weight Of The World
2. The Paper Said...
3. Significance
4. Fool Heart Dreams
5. Take My Life
6. Here To Stay
7. Leap Of Faith
8. River To The Sea
9. Taken Root
10. For Every Loss
11. Days Of Summer
12. Don't Take Me Out To The Ballgame
13. A Way Inside
14. The Colours In Between
15. Where Has The Music Gone?
*Bonus Track:
16. Without A Sound (remastered w/additional tracks)
  (Raw mix taken off the "From The Toybox" album)

Disc Two - Alternate Mixes and Live Tracks:
1. Hold Me (acoustic mix)
   (with Tony Levin - alternate upright bass track)
2. River To The Sea (acoustic mix)
   (with Hugh McDowell & Steve Rodby)
3. Significance (instrumental mix)
   (with Buck Dharma)
4. Love S'possed To Be Like That (live)
5. Katherine (live)
6. America The Beautiful (live)
7. A Way Inside (horn mix)
   (with Dave Stahl & Dave Miller)
8. For Every Loss (acoustic mix)
   (with Deirdre Masapollo & Stefon Pizzuto alternate bass track)
9. The "Vocal Search"
10. Hold Me (live)     
11. Leap Of Faith (acoustic mix)
     (with Steve Rodby)
12. Significance (rough drum mix)
13. A Lot Of Hope (instrumental mix)
     (with John Helliwell & Dave Stahl)
14. Weight Of The World (instrumental mix)
      (with Tony Levin)         
15. A Way Inside (background vocal mix)
16. A Way Inside (instrumental mix)
     (with Steve Rodby & Dave Stahl)
17. Taken Root (electric bass mix)
     (with Stefon Pizzuto)
18. Drum Take #1 (end of Taken Root)
19. Without A Sound (live)
      (with John Feldmann & Dan Merrill)
20. River To The Sea (guitar mix)
21. Weight Of The World (keyboard bridge)
22. Hughie At Sea
     (Hugh McDowell's cello seagulls)
23. I'm Not Schizophrenic And Neither Am I

PLEASE NOTE: These are bonus tracks only.  You are not getting the River To The Sea album plus bonus tracks... just 2 CD's worth of bonus tracks. These tracks are entirely different from the album tracks... none of the River To The Sea album tracks appear on these 2 CD's - except as alternate versions & mixes. These 2 CD's are 150 minutes of entirely different tracks!  What a bargain, eh? If you only want to buy the River To The Sea album, do not buy these bonus CD's... Comprende?  :-) 

As described, this 'bonus version' contains demos, alternate mixes, and live tracks. The demos give a glimpse into the origins of the songs...the alternate mixes give a different perspective and/or allow certain instruments and vocals to be brought out (which can't always be done in the full-blown band mix)...and the live tracks are, well... live! (Please try to keep up...this isn't rocket science).

The demos loosely show where the songs started to take form. A few of these songs, obviously, didn't make the final cut - not because we didn't like them, but because they didn't stylistically fit the concept, or we simply had nowhere to put them...the album is arguably too long as it is! So, some of these songs may find their way onto future Apple albums. Colours In Between is a new arrangement of an older tune (found on our Archives CD). Tracks 12, 13, 14 shows the writing process...this is what I (Jeff) give Buzz, and he, in turn, adds a lyric and/or melody on top of the music. We kinda work in the reverse of Elton John & Bernie Taupin...whereas Elton puts music to Bernie's lyrics - Buzz creates lyrics to my music 99% of the time.

A bonus track on a bonus CD...hmmm...does that cancel each other out, and it then reverts back to being a'regular' track? (Maybe this is rocket science after all?) I don't know how that all works within the space/time continuum, but before I get pulled into a parallel universe...The bonus track - the remastered Without A Sound is taken off From The Toybox...I simply added a few extra keyboard and percussion tracks, mixed them in, and then remastered it. This is the one song on Toybox that we felt was lacking sonically...short of re-recording it, this version represents the tune closer to as it should sound.

Some of the alternate/acoustic mixes feature the special guest artists...Hold Me features Tony Levin playing an alternate upright bass track which is different than his bass track on the album. River To The Seafeatures some gorgeous cello from Hugh McDowell and spot-on bowed bass from Steve Rodby. Significance & Lot Of Hope features 2 incredible soloists - Buck Dharma and John Helliwell, respectively...wow. (I've been a life-long fan of Blue Oyster Cult, ELO, Pat Metheny Group, Peter Gabriel, Supertramp...to have these artists on these songs is such a huge personal thrill...We're forever grateful to them!). Track 7 features great horn work from Dave Stahl and Dave Miller. For Every Loss features some nice vocals from Deirdre Masapollo...on the album arrangement, we decided on a 'less is more' approach to using a female voice...However, on this version, Deirdre's vocals are featured a bit more prominantly within this stripped-down arrangement. Taken Root is an alternate electric bass track from Stefon Pizzuto...although a great track from Stefon, we simply opted for the acoustic bass texture on the album. The Significance drum mix is for all the drummers out  there (for everyone else...yes, I know there are few things in life worse than a drum solo!). For all the karaoke lovers (God help you), enjoy the instrumental mixes! Without A Sound live features the former and current Apple singers - John Feldmann & Dan Merrill, respectively...not a great mix, and a few clams...but it's a nice live moment performed at the Cystic Fibrosis Gala in Reading, PA (which we perform at every year). (*All live tracks are 2 track, stereo soundboard mixes only...so what you hear is what you get...warts and all...there's no way to fix performances on these mixes! Think of them as kind of 'official bootlegs'!).

Granted, some of this extra stuff is solely for the 'avid collector'...But, regardless, we hope you enjoy these extra 'bonus' tracks - Thanks for listening!

-Jeff Miller (2004)