1. The Other Me

From the recording The Other Me

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This particular piece was composed as a result of a very personal experience that took place on October 10th of 2010. Post cancer and radiation survival culminated in an even worse death sentence...addiction. Addiction to pain killers and alcohol and an abyss of depression. I had always lived with an existing underlying sort of separate person within me that I managed to keep quiet and deep into the shadows. This person was an addictive personality that always seemed to simmer but luckily never reached that temperature....however these new factors in my life turned this "other me" loose. I believe that all of us have those little voices or possibly darker sides that reside somewhere in our lives but very few of us have to wrestle with them first hand thankfully. My struggle became one that was so savage and vicious that it brought me to the conclusion that there was no way out of the trap. Suicide became the only possible way of escape. As hard as I had tried to break free from the addiction, it had utterly consumed my entire spirit and soul and was as terrifying a time in my life as I had ever felt. This song tells the story that there was in fact another resource in the form of what I refer to as "angels in disguise" that ultimately proved to be the strong and truthful solution to the nightmare. This song is about all of which took place and the resulting tranquil island of newfound hope and future.

Written by Buzz Saylor
Produced by Jeff Miller & Buzz Saylor
Buzz - Vocals, piano, keyboards, percussion
Jeff - Guitars, additional keyboards
Sue Miller - 911 Operator
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Jeff

This was initially intended as a demo recording, but gradually evolved into something a little more polished than a demo.


Hold onto this night. Don't fall to desperation. There is nothing that the heavens cannot heal. Is it the rising tide, or my slowly sinking Island, telling me it's time to make my peace. Wondering why no one could see... The other me.

This wild and restless sea....is not as deep as my depression. Not as cold as the barrel between my eyes. Let go of this life. Stand in judgment for eternity.... Couldn't imagine they were angels in disguise... To shine light for saviors to see... The other me.

And in the end l find... there are no mysteries or coincidence...just the fact that I was given what I need. You take a shattered world, and turn it into something beautiful, and remember that the truth will set you free... to keep living and learning, dreaming and growing, laughing any loving and being and praying I'll never be...the other me.