From the recording A Long Day's Life

<p><a title="Kevin Gilbert Official Site" href="" target="_blank">Kevin Gilbert</a> was a tremendously gifted songwriter/musician, who unfortunately passed at age 29, in 1996. Musical genius is a term over-used at times describing artists who aren't truly worthy of that title. However, few, if any, musician and songwriting peers question Kevin's genius. "A Long Day's Life" was John's suggestion to record for the tribute album that was in the works. This arrangement from Jeff &amp; John keeps somewhat true to Kevin's original recording, but does take a few liberties with some different arrangement/production ideas. Like Simon Apple, Gilbert was also hugely influenced by Genesis. (He recorded a wonderful cover of Genesis' "Back In NYC", and also performed a one-off concert of the Genesis double album, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway). As mutual Genesis fans, there is a bit of a nod to Phil Collins' drumming, and Tony Banks' keyboards during the outro....hopefully Kevin is smiling at the homage.</p>
<p>Production Credits:</p>
<p>John Feldmann (vocals, acoustic guitars), Jeff Miller (keyboards, electric guitars), Stefon Pizzuto (bass), Buzz Saylor (drums). Produced and arranged by Jeff Miller &amp; John Feldmann. Engineered &amp; Mixed by Eric Beebe at The Farm (in the late 1990's). Mastered by Jeff Miller (in 2013).</p>