1. Take A Look

From the recording Tres Tributos (2020 Remaster)

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The four Apple members, at this time, (including bassist, Stefon Pizzuto), were also fans of Level 42. "Take A Look" was intended for a Level 42 tribute album originating in France. (Level 42 is much more popular in Europe than in the USA). Once again, it was John, who came up with the suggestion to record this song. Much like the Gilbert tribute, it stays somewhat true to the original recording, but does add some different arrangement & production ideas.

John Feldmann (vocals), Jeff Miller (keyboards, guitars), Stefon Pizzuto (bass), Buzz Saylor (drums). Produced and arranged by Jeff Miller. Additional vocal arrangements by John Feldmann. Engineered & Mixed by Dave Robidoux at NFL Studios, and Dave's home studio. Mastered by Jeff Miller.