Par Avion

Performed by Simon Apple in "Tribute"
written by Mike Rutherford, Chris Neil


The Mike + The Mechanics tribute was initially in tribute to the passing of Mechanic's singer, Paul Young. While the band are 'moderate' Mechanics fans, Apple's Jeff, John, and Buzz, are huge, life-long Genesis fans. Of course, "Mike", is Mike Rutherford of Genesis. "Par Avion" is one of Jeff's favorite Mechanics songs, and this arrangement of his is somewhat stripped down...taking away the instantly recognizable "Genesis drum machine sound" used in the original recording, and making it slightly more "acoustic". The bass pedals in the final chorus are not on the Mechanics recording, but, are instead, a 'tip of the hat' to Rutherford's use of bass pedals on many Genesis classics.

Production Credits:

John Feldmann (vocals), Jeff Miller (keyboards, guitars), Buzz Saylor (cymbal swells). Produced, arranged, mixed, mastered by Jeff Miller. Special thanks to Dan Merrill on lending his ears for some mixing/mastering suggestions.