Buzz Holding Auditions For Two New Music Projects

                               SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALL MUSICIANS


Buzz Saylor is announcing the formation of "2" new musical projects!   "You read that correctly."

Open auditions are now underway as of this notice. Any and all instrumentation is being considered. Vocalists as well as technical people are also part of the plan...even drummers. Anyone...ANYONE that feels that they would like to give it a shot is welcome and encouraged to get in touch.

The 2 projects are as follows...

1st:   A collection of players who can deliver emotional and diverse flavors of playing in a rock-based style. The music consists of all brand new material written by Buzz. The music has been described as a little of ... Peter Gabriel / Tears For Fears / Kevin Gilbert,  in style and content.   As of this announcement, the basic format is a ROCK OPERA.  "I will not disclose the title just's that for mystery???" Very powerful and emotional story-line along with wide ranging musical textures and statements.

2nd:   An exploration into jazz/rock instrumental soundscapes of extreme adventure and unique approach.  "My current drum-kit tells a story in itself.  13 foot-pedals connected to a literal symphony of world sounds tightly crafted and developed to make musical presentation unlike anything heard before!"  Again...all instrumentation will be considered. 

"My purpose shake the tree of a sorely "in need" culture of music that has grown tired and lifeless, and give back to the art in the boldest way "WE" can. By inspiring people to reconnect with the "real deal."  Music that challenges the heart and imagination and lifts the soul and spirit!  If interested or if you know of someone (any age) that fits the bill and is looking to really play...then please drop me a note at,   If you have demo material or any type of sample of your playing/singing...that's fine.  Quality of demo/bio/musical examples are NOT important! It's about what's inside your playing/singing."

Thanks to you all and let the fun begin!